Upcoming Bulletin Activity

I am going to be combining the three Church Bulletin’s soon. I am supposed to be look at every bulletin before it goes out and as it stands now can’t do that. The surrounding parishes print one combined bulletin for the three parishes on a 11×17 sheet of paper. This gives them more space and lets everyone see what is going on where. It was suggested to me by my mentor because he said I need to see everything that is going in. So I got the printer to do it and now will be working on the design. Actually I am hoping two friends will because they are much more talented than I am.

So that being said I thought I would give put a section up here of what I am putting in the Bulletin this week. Why? If your priest isn’t offering these things then you can ask him to come do it. They are recommended activites by the Church but most priests probably aren’t asked. So I encouarge you to ask.

Here it is:

Easter time is the traditional time to have the annual blessing of families and their homes. I would like to resurrect that tradition. If you are interested then you should give me a call and we can set up a time when I can come and bless the family and the home. I hope many of you will take advantage of this. It will be good preparation for the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart which I will talk about later.
Also as spring is in the air many are beginning to plant as well as finish up calving. Our wonderful Catholic Faith offers two different types of blessings to farmers. There is a special blessing of seeds at planting time and also a blessing for Fields and flocks. I would love to come and do this for our farming community. If you are interested please also call me and we will put a time on the Calendar.
It is important to remember that all we have comes from God and that we can do nothing on our own. We need to give thanks for what we have and ask his blessings on our lives and families. It is a good thing to seek his blessing on every activity we do and especially those upon which our livelihood depends.


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