Wow. Now I know what priests mean when they say Holy Week is exhausting. It was awesome but it could have been better. I am going to work a lot harder to have everything ready this coming year. Most people thought everything went off pretty well but I was disappointed a bit because I didn’t have time to do what I hoped too.

Next year should prove better. I have already sat down to start planning the liturgical calendar. I will be starting a joint liturgy committee between the three parishes to standardize a lot of stuff and divide the workload.

I also want to start a pontifical server crew. My servers were great this year. Most of them stepped up to the plate w/o being asked and they had no idea what they were doing with all the changes. I just asked them … do you know what a candle is, do you know what a the book looks like, how about holy water and incence. Yes Father of course… I said good: Just go get it when I ask. Can you do that? Sure Father. Cool…. lets worship Jesus.

That works okay when the priest actually knows what they need to get and when. It was my first Holy week, I wasn’t an associate, I had no MC and was tracking a lot of stuff. Needless to say it wasn’t what this idealistic young priest hoped.

Next year though we hopefully will do better unless I drop the ball big time.

I am a firm believer that the liturgy done well (with reverence and attention to the rubrics) can move peoples hearts profoundly. Yes I think it is true of the Novus Ordo as well which makes me a heretic in some peoples book.

On a side note I had a blast playing Dice (shocks all the baptists) with a family in Selby at their Easter gathering. I took them for a lot of nickels when I sat at the right table (no I am not superstitious). In the end though I did give them all back and walk out only with what I came in with as far as nickels. I ate two huge meals that day, one with a family in Selby and one with a family in Herreid, and will be paying for it for a while. South Dakotans can really cook though.

For anyone that wants to see where my parihes are they can look at a map of South Dakota. Find the River. Go north on the river til you see where it enters north dakota and look to the right of the river. Herreid is there. Eureka is a little further right. Selby is a little right and down from Herreid.

All those littles add up to 2000 miles and 40 extra hours a month in the car though. Every one of them is a joy though because the people are great and I really love being a priest.


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  1. jtotton Says:


    I read your blog from time to time (I still don’t remember how I stumbled upon it) and I greatly appreciate your taking time to share your joys and difficulties as pastor of three small parishes. I will be ordained priest in June (my first assignment will be as an associate and I will not likely be made pastor for a couple years). I am in complete agreement with your observation about the Sacred Liturgy celebrated well, with dignity and fidelity to the rubrics. I have also experienced the contempt of some for the “Novus Ordo” or, more properly now, the “Misa Normativa.” Usually the contempt seems to be based on experiences of the Sacred Liturgy which were, shall we say, less than edifying. I feel that the younger clergy are moving in a direction that takes the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy seriously and reverently. I am encouraged, as I am sure you are, by the recent liturgy document released last week. PLease know that you are in my prayers.

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