Mind reading computers

Will make blogging a lot easier. It is painful for me to sit down and write. I don’t know why. I have always done fairly well at it in School but I just have to wait til the last minute.

The consequence is I think of a lot of things I would like to put on the blog but don’t end up typing. I wish I could just think them and they think blog that and off it went.

Today was a good day. God never ceases to stun me with the way he uses the smallest of circumstances or even my quirks to do something for his kingdom. Case in point. I normally park my car in the garage. Last night I parked it out front to bring in some groceries (garage isn’t attached and out back). I left it there today and it still is sitting there.

Someone was driving buy and thinking they should talk to me but hesitating until they saw my car. We talked and hour and it was a good thing. Please pray. Can’t give more details than that.

Also my palms haven’t come. It isn’t my fault though. They were resent today. They should make it. Otherwise I did see some long grass in the ditch on the way into town….

Chrism mass tomorrow. First renewal of my committment to my Bishop. He sure makes it easy. It will take all day but it is a short trip. Only 225 miles roundtrip.

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