The Long Trek Home

Well I am sitting in the St. Paul/Minneapolis airport with a 2 hour layover. My day started early with Mass and then I packed up and caught the subway to the train station. I am learning (slowly) how to travel more efficiently. Hauling bags through the New York Subway system is a bit of a task.

First we went to detroit and finally made it here. I tried Burger King’s new Veggie Burger for dinner. It was interesting.

The mini vacation was packed with a lots of catching up with friends. First with friends from the military, then from Rome and finally from College. I am thinking I might have to take a trip where I can just go and sit somewhere. A couple of us guys in Rome decided that was the best vacation. Go somewhere and sit.

I might have to check out the details on one of those cruises that priests can go on for next to nothing if they take care of the masses. That sounds like fun. I could get a lot of work and relaxing done there. I wonder if the bigger cruise lines now have broadband internet access in the rooms.

I became a pretty big fan of Amtrak. One of these days I am going to have to get a rail pass and go about the country.

August is a possibility. I need to travel to Richmond, Va to see a friend and to pick up some Church stuff. I might do DC or I might just skip it and try the cruise thing. We shall see.

It will be off to a running starting tomorrow. I still haven’t decided if I am going to try to push home tonight or not. That could involve getting in around 2 or 3 am. We shall see. I will probably definitely drive a chunk of the way but I might have to stop and stay the night somewhere though. After that the mass schedule begins with communal confessions at one of my parishes. Then it will be a non-stop 3 weeks until Easter.


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