St. Patrick’s Day in New York

What an amazing time it was to be here. My morning started by sleeping in for the first time in quite a while. That was nice. I was up and had breakfast and then made my way over to the Church to listen to the Cardinal’s homily. It was good.

Next I hung out and talked to a nice detective from NYPD. It was a great conversation. The people of New York are really nice.

I met a seminarian friend of mine from New York and made sure he knew to invite me to his ordination in a few years. Please pray for him. His name is Tom.

Then I started to enjoy the Cathedral as a tourist. On the way I was asked for a confession and we took care of that. Then I wandered a bit. I think St. Patrick’s is one of the most beautiful Church’s I have seen. I am going to have to buy one of the books on the Cathedral.

I watched a bit of the Parade from the front steps of the Cathedral then went in for Mass. Afterwards we watched about another hour of the parade. I am sure if the camera for the Cathedral was on you would have seen me. I was on the right hand side of the screen in the little tent close to the Cardinal’s chair. I had my black NY cap on ($5 but probably only lasts til the first washing).

Finally I am getting a bit of work done. I have to do a bulletin announcment tonight and email it before a busy day tomorrow.

Now I am off ot the friendly son’s dinner. Gotta run to get ready. Hope all is going well.


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  1. Jeronimo93 Says:

    I’m not so sure you’re right =\
    I’ll find a link and will post it here.

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