A busy day

If the phrase “It takes all kinds” is true then New York definitely has what it takes. There are some “interesting folks” here.

I had quite a busy day. It snowed quite a bit here. Everyone is blaming me for bringing it. Ah well. I finally got a hat around 3pm.

I was going to the zoo today but we cancelled that because it would be too cold to keep the kids outside. Instead we decided on going to the New York Children’s Museum on Thursday.

I concelebrated on St. Patrick’s Main altar and will fly solo on Friday. That should be quite the spectacle I think. It is hard to say Mass in a place that is so big when you really aren’t familiar with things. I hope to be up to speed by Friday.

I am kinda astounded by how many people think I am young. There are lots of comments on it. Granted I look younger than I am but I am 34. It seems to be a positive thing but those New York ladies like to pinch cheeks and stuff.

I heard confessions again today after Mass. It is quite an experience. I would love to come back and work for a couple of weeks but I don’t see that in the picture.

Other than that I went to:
Patrick Baker and Sons religoius goods
Pauline Books and Media
Headquarters of Opus Dei (that should drive a few people nuts)
The Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
and last but not least Ground Zero.

Tomorrow I concelebrate the noon mass (wohoo I get to sleep in for one day on my vacation) and then go out to the parade for as long as I can take the cold. I will at least wait til the bagpipes go by.

After that were off the the Friendly Sons Dinner. The easist way to describe it is 3000 men in tuxes and priests in clerics eating steak, laughing and smoking. I will participate in the first two but not the last.

Over all it should be a good time.

I need to come back to New York for a serious visit sometime where I can explore the Museum’s and take a bit longer at Ellis Island.

Who knows what the future holds.


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