Live from New York….It’s Saturday

Well I am writing you from the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel where they have boingo wireless access.

This is the first time I have had a laptop with wireless access on the road so it is a new experience. Not only can I update the website but I can do work as well. I have a homily to write for tomorrow. I don’t know if I will post it or not since it will probably be Coast Guard Specific since I am preaching at the academy.

St. Patricks Cathedral is a magnificent place. I had Mass there this morning with Msgr. Cassidy who was the house pscyhologist at the North American College while I was there. The rectory is over 100 years old and a pretty neat place. My Italian has gotten quite a workout already since one of the sisters that cares for the rectory is from Italy and I had to translate for two Italian priest today who came to Mass but wanted to concelebrate tomorrow. I am surprised at how much I retained but have a lot to brush up on. I don’t want to lose the language.

As it stands my itenerary should be interesting. I head up to the Coast Guard Academy to say Mass and visit my friend Fr. Steve Rock.
Monday I return and will probably head over to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Tuesday I will be going to the Chidlren’s Zoo at Central park to meet a dear friend of mine and her two boys. To this day she still holds the record of saying the coolest thing I have ever heard a young lady say. There is a possibility we will be eating at the New York Athletic club that night. I am not sure what that is but I hear it is pretty neat.

Wednesday we will celebrate Mass at St. Patricks and then watch the parade from the front steps. That night we will be attending the Friendly Sons dinner at the Sheraton ballroom.

Thursday I will meet some friends for Lunch who I met in Rome and hopefully make it down to the World Trade Center to pay my respects. It will be a bit weird. I stayed at the Marriot between the two towers July 31 immediately preceding the attack.

Friday I am going to say Mass early and then be off to return to South Dakota. I don’t know if I will drive back that night to Herreid but we shall see.

All in all it will be a good but busy time. I hope to get a little work done here but it is going to be less than I had originally hoped. Now I am off to find the Pauline book and media store.

As an extra bonus, on the way to the hotel, I found a Men’s Wharehouse which does free pressing on all the suits they sell. That just happens to be where I bought mine.

I might have to try to make it to planet Hollywood as well. I have a tradition of buying my family hats from all the cities I go to.

Hope you have a great day.

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