Lot’s going on

I just finished spiritual direction on Monday followed by Children’s adoration with the homeschoolers. They are awfully amazing children. I am going to try to get some video and audio sometime because you need to see this to appreciate it. They get it. They know who Jesus is and they like to pray. When they have an opportunity to pray for their intentions it is amazing to hear a 4 or 5 year old pray for the poor souls in purgatory and to do it without Mom or dad prompting them. You know they are praying it at home. Also one prayed that Govenor Rounds would sign the abortion bill to outlaw abortion. She must have been no older than 6. It is stunning.

On other notes I am frantically trying to get things caught up to leave for a mini vacation on Friday. I will be preaching at the Coast Guard academy on Sunday and who knows what else. Hopefully seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while including a dear friend I haven’t seen since college and her two children. It should be fun.

Monstrance update 230/1500 So 1270 to go. I will be sending thank you emails to those who have been generous so far. Some have asked for a physical address:
Father Todd Reitmeyer
St. Michaels Parish
PO Box 37
Herreid, SD. 57632

I appreciate it. I just did my taxes and over 50% of my income last year went to buying things for use in the Church. It would take me over a year to save up for this and it might be gone by then so your generosity is greatly appreciated. I will hold a Mass for all the benefactors once we achieve it and hopefully it can be on the Feast of the Sacred Heart. That would be quite a tribute.


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  1. Jeronimo93 Says:

    That was helpfull!
    I’ll find a link and will post it here.

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