Memorials (Monstrance)

Well some people would like to donate to get the monstrance but don’t have $1500 they can share. I think that I figured out a way to do it. I have put the picture of the monstrance I would like to get on the sidebar to the left.

Below it is a donate button for paypal where, if you are inclined, you may make a donation toward the purchase of the monstrance. The donation can be any size down to a $1. The total cost is $1500. I will periodically update the total donations received and how much is needed to go. As soon as I figure out the HTML I will put that in the sidebar. Maybe on my vacation the coming week I will get it going.

So what will it be used for? I will not leave this with any of the parishes when I leave but rather will take it with me to the military when I serve them as a chaplain. Why do you ask? The military has to request their liturgical supplies of a preset Department of Defense list of materials. Ergo the goverment gets whatever is cheapest instead of most noble. I hope to bring some beauty into the lives of our men and women in the services. I will have my own vestments and chalice but there are other items, like a beautiful monstrance, that I need to take with me when I go.

So if any of that inspires you click away. It is a secure webpage you are taken to.


2 Responses to “Memorials (Monstrance)”

  1. Dianne Says:

    I have been searching on the net for the official specifications on what makes a monstrance or ostentorium an acceptable design for adoration of the eucharist. My questions concern the use of materials: according to scripture, precious metals and stones must be used in constructing the altar and tabernacle. A local parish priest has told me that every monstrance used in a church or chapel must be made with a center open window and out of precious metals, mostly gold. I am an artist who has in recent years become interested in religious art, such as paintings, drawings, vestments, statues, and sculptures. However, I am self-taught, on a very limited and fixed budget, and since last year my vision is becoming even more impaired due to cornea damage from a progressive disease. While I still could see, I wanted to create out of devotion, love and respect a lasting contribution to Roman Catholic art for everyone to see my internal vision of the beauty of this religion, long after I cannot see it and after I am gone to heaven. Because I cannot see well, I did not realize that the center was a window, and I have already put in about 100 hours on this sculpture and insertion of semi-precious stones and painting many coats of silver, bronze and gold paint. Finally, I was going to apply goldleafing. That is the closest I can come to real gold. But when this priest told me my monstrance could only be considered a ‘decoration’ I became so disheartened that I wanted to dismantle it and scrap it and all of the other plans I had for clay, wooden, and similar monstrances. My conclusion is that Roman Catholicism is a ‘rich man’s’ religion. But I can also see the argument that if I pooled together resources, as a parish does, then real gold could be afforded for the materials to make or buy a monstrance as you are trying to do. I was going to share my monstrance with my parish, in our chapel for adoration, and with my Altar and Rosary Society, of which I was on the board, before my illnesses intensified. But all the good intentions in the world will not change my clay into gold and I am heartbroken. Please tell me if there is any way my monstrance can become acceptable for official use? I was also informed that monstrances are not allowed to be used in private homes because the eucharist must never be displayed and left unattended; I would never do that, but I do need a wheelchair and I have trouble getting to the church, which is rarely open and unlocked for parishioners. Thank you and please write me back, Father [I have a built-in narrator om my computer and it reads to me what I type and mail I receive and web sites.] With JMJ, Dianne.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Dianne,

    As a fellow artist of sorts, I feel your pain and disappointment of being told no to something that’s so near and dear to your heart.

    I got to thinking about what you were saying about Roman Catholicism being a rich man’s religion and on the surface it’s tempting to agree. But then, after thinking about it, I thought no way!

    Let’s take another look at it. If any of us on our own were to have to procure a Monstrance of gold it would be daunting at best, impossible for most of us. But the character of our Church and our faith is not solitary–we are community! I can’t imagine that there were huge amounts of money among John Q. Dark Ages, but together resources are great. What a powerful testament to the fact that God created us as family for each other. He didn’t make it easy, He made it right.

    God love you and keep going on your Monstrance. You have no idea, maybe seeing it will really touch someone and bring them in (or back in) to the Church.

    God Love You!

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