Incredible People

I have been a bit busy with meetings in Sioux Falls. I also returned a product in Sioux Falls and got a new one, only to arrive back home to find out that one is defective as well. I am glad I am going next week again.

But on the way to Mass at the parish in Eureka this Sunday morning I blew a tire. It turns out there was a massive hole in it but I have no idea how it got there. I don’t recall hitting anything.

Anyway I called in the the Church and asked if somone could pick me up (I was about 14 miles from town). They sent someone and he got there and told me to get in my car and go say Mass and he would change the tire and bring in the car. I was stunned and very thankful. Not only did he do that but on the way in he called the local garage owner, had him open up, and replace the defective tire because he knew I had to go to Sioux Falls and didn’t want me to go on that little tire.

The people of South Dakota are amazing. I thought I would miss one of the masses due to the episode but it turns out I made them both. I hope the people in Selby at St. Anthony’s send him a thank you note.

I love my vocation.


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