Iran against Bush

Seems the radicals in Iran are trying to influence the election by accuising Bush of keeping Bin Laden’s capture secret. As if that really could be kept a secret. But it is interesting to know they would rather the other candidate as president.


One Response to “Iran against Bush”

  1. Casimir Says:

    Father Todd, Congratulation on being adorned priest. Hope that works for you. As a former Catholic, I have chosen Islam (Sufi branch) most progressive. Most realistic. The catholic church offers nothing for me. Christ was a prophet, not a god, nor a part of God. As so were the other prophets before and after him, ie: Noah, Moses, Muhammed, Peace be upon them.

    islam is peace. It literally means submission to God with no intermediary figures, priests, pastors, nuns, saints. i can talk to God as well if not easir than you in Islam. Open a Qur’an. you may be surprised to find what I found was the worlds only religion not founded on the name of a Human-Being. It is a guide of life for all. One last comment. The first written bible was around 500 AD and was all words until then, no writing. The Quran was written as spoken to Muhammed by the Angel Gabriel then and there to the scribes and remains in its original form 1100 years later. There are now some 50,000 plus variety of Bibles around just the USA alone. Can you reall trust that???

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