A Place to call home

Are you Looking for a great place to raise a family? One with small town life where everybody knows everybody and you can still leave your car running while you go into the store? How about with a quaint little 100 family parish with a priest, who although he isn’t the greatest, he is at least faithful to the teachings of the Church?

Well have I got a deal for you….

Maybe one of you might like this. I wouldn’t mind having another Catholic Parishoner in town:

Valley’s hiring!
With technology requiring more computer and networking knowledge, it is now almost a necessity that business companies have someone on staff to handle software, hardware, and networking issues. As a result, Valley is currently accepting applications for an Information Technology Manager who will work out of the headquarters office in Herreid.

Some job responsibilities would include: administration of Valley’s internal network, trouble-shooting in-depth DSL/Internet issues, daily back-ups of multiple servers, toll processing, and more. A more complete job description is on file at the Valley headquarters office.

The desired candidate would have extensive computer and networking experience (Windows based), a degree in Information Systems, and be able to work independently. This is a salaried position that may require 40+ hour work weeks and will report to the General Manager.

Applications are now being accepted until March 1, 2004. Please send résumé’s to:
Valley Telco, Attn: Steve Oleson, PO Box 7 , Herreid SD 57632 or email to: valley@valleytel.net


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