Firestone Popsicle’s

That would be a good way to describe my tires. The snow gets so thick and gets up in the wheel wells and just stays there. It was -23 here this morning and the garage isn’t heated or insulated so it never has a chance to melt.

Our secretary brought over this jet engine (Not really but it looks like one) that runs on Kerosene and we fired that up. 100,000 Btu’s and it heats up the garage pretty quick.

I might have to get one of these things. Not because it’s cool (it’s really smokin) but because if I don’t the ice messes with my anti-lock breaks and traction control. Without those this Texan would be a priest popsicle on the side of the road somewhere.

There is a lot to learn and do in these small parishes. It seems I will have to become pretty proficient at little maintenance. I am looking forward to getting some power tools (Dewalt or Makita…hmmm).

Today was entertaining becasue if I had my computer on and ran the dryer at the same time I blew the circut breakers all the time. Needless to say the wiring is original from the earlier part of last sentry.

Another day in the hinterlands but I love it and the people make it a really great deal.


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