Discernable Progrees

In between the appointments, pastoral care and trying to get a grasp on the parish I am making a bit of progress moving in. Traveling takes up a lot of time in the parishes but overall it is good.

I have workstation for parish work but not for personal work. I have yet to unpack my record and checkbooks but need to soon so I can pay my bills.

I have a feel for the “typical day” and will soon be scheduling pastoral visits to nursing homes and regular confessions. Due to the reasons that brought me here, there hasn’t been regular times for confessions. I think the two smaller parishes were by appointment only for a while. That is going to change very soon.

The difficult part is trying to schedule regular times on the weekends. I have Mass at one parish on Saturday night and the other two on Sunday. The early Mass on Sunday precludes me doing confessions before either Mass which means I can either do them after the late mass and before the Saturday Mass or just before the Saturday Mass.

The parishes rotate mass times every three months so that means each parish could get regular Saturday confessions every 3 months.

I guess I will ask around and see what people want and how it has been done in the past. I will be having confessions before daily masses but sometimes people can’t get to those.

It is a challenge. If only I were holier and I had stayed awake in the class where they taught us how to BiLocate. Of course I really need ot TriLocate. This will be a challenge.


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