Trying to Settle

Well I am not making that great of progress on settling in. Things always take more time than you plan. I already have a couple of appointments today and I have to write my homily tonight. If all goes well with that then maybe I will be able to move a few things.

We had a finance council meeting at St. Michaels in Herreid. The group works well together. That is good because we will have a lot to do in the new few months.

Sunday should be a time to get a few more things organized. I probably shouldn’t be too hard. I can’t expect to have everything in place right away and still work. It will be nice to settle my things so I can get busy organizing the Sacristy’s and other things that need a little attention. Then pastoral planning can begin.

I think I almost have the mass schedule worked out. I am still trying to figure out travel times between parishes.


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