New Beginnings

As I alluded to earlier I have a bit of news to share. I will be transferred to a new assignment in about one week.

A few weeks ago the Bishop approached me and asked me to consider a new assignment. I thought he might mean this summer but he actually meant right away.

Effective Tuesday Jan 20 at Noon I am being appointed administrator of three small parishes in our diocese: Herreid, Selby, and Eureka.

They are about as far from Sioux Falls as the Bishop can send me without sending me back to Rome.

I am really looking forward to the assigment. Herreid has about 150 families, Selby about 120 and Eureka about 54. They are very rural parishes and there is a lot of ranching which is right up my alley.

I visited this last week and am looking forward to the challenge. I am a bit worried about taking the assignment after only 6 months as a priest but I told this Bishop I would do what he thought was best. Of course he, being the great and oustanding Bishop that he is, told me I am free to call him anytime.

If you total up the number of families you will see it is 324 which is less than 365. Now I know you don’t need remedial math but the meaning of that to me is that theoretically I can get to every family’s home at least once a year. I suspect it will take me two years realistically but I am really looking forward to that.

I have been in a parish of 2000 families with only two priests and it doesn’t allow much time to do anything other than hang on. I will enjoy being much more involved with my peoples lives and community.

I will miss the friends I have made here but I doubt I will have an assignment where I wont. The people in our Diocese are a pleasure to serve.

Please pray for me but more importantly for them. The slower nature of the parish life there will probably allow me to post more often although not right at first. I will put up pictures of the Churches and rectory when I get a chance but expect the same level of posting for about another month.

On a side note when I pulled into town I got a lot of complements on the only bumper sticker I have on my car. It says: Eat Beef. The west wasn’t won on salad.


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