We have a priest coming in from Children’s Foundation for the Christian and Aging today. He is going to preach all the homilies so that gives me a little breather. I still have a class to teach on Sunday night but things are manageable.

I had lunch with one of our seminarians yesterday and that was delightful. It is encouraging to be around our young seminarians. They are excellent men. We also are expecting quite a high number entereing this year. I will get you a total when I findout.

My pastor is on vacation and having a good time. It is difficult being the only priest in a parish this large but it is only a short time. You get all the calls for a priest plus your regular appointments. It also seems like everyone is in the hospitals this week. It will keep me off the streets though and it is good experience for the future.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe new year. Mine went well and I was in bed before midnight. I am looking forward to the next day I can sleep in though.


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