Christmas at the Cathedral

Well I am going to the Christmas at the Cathedral concert tonight. I am really looking forward to it. I bought the Cd from past years and it is great. The South Dakota Symphony comes and plays with their Chamber Orchestra and a couple of choirs from around the diocese combine as well. I am looking forward to seeing it live. I will be taking my mom and her new husband as a wedding gift for them.

I really am having an increasing love for the ARTS. I am learning more about Classical Music, I attended my first opera (which I loved), and am going to be going to some plays and the symphony.

If I wasn’t such a big fan of the Great Books education method and its call for the liberal arts I might be afraid I was getting snobbish. I am sure some of my friends (the more redneck type) might find my increasing love of the arts a little humorous.

Anyway, a spiritual director said I seemed to be quite willing to receive from God through beauty and I should place myself in front of it. I have been doing that and it is pretty great.

If you would like to consider purchasing a Christmas At the Cathedral CD then I recommend it. You can find it at our Diocesen website. Not only will you get some great music at a very reasonable price but you also will help support the restoration of our Cathedral to it’s former glory. Unfortunately it too was whitewased in those turbulent times but my Bishop is rocking the house and getting it fixed back up.


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