The Pasion of The Christ (Part 2 with spoilers)

I suppose the Gospel of John is a spoiler though. This review is from my good friend Fr. Shane Baxter. As you may remember he is the one qouted in the Weigel article I posted a while back. He truly is a fine human being and balanced. I wish you could meet him. I think you will be moved by his review.

I’ve been meaning to write you about the movie. It is one of the most powerful movies I’ve ever seen. The next day I had the 12:15 Assumption Chapel mass, it really effected my celebration of the mass. It runs from the agony in the garden to the resurrection. The agony in the garden scene is very powerful, He is really in agony struggling with what He knows is coming. And the devil is there tormenting Him. Toward the end when Jesus is telling the Father, “let your will be done, not mine” the devil releases a snake it crawls around Jesus’ arms while He’s praying, Then Jesus stands up and is sort of transformed, He looks no longer afraid, then He stomps on the snake’s head with a determined look in His eye, sort of saying to the devil, “bring it on, I’m ready” One thing that I think it really captures is the Cross as deliverance. After the scourging and crowning of thorns Jesus is brought out to pick up His cross and He embraces it. There are some in the crowd that are mocking this, and When He finally makes it up the hill and is nailed on the cross and it’s lifted up there’s a real sense of relief. The whole journey to Calvary Jesus is being taunted by the devil. There are also some flashbacks of His life the really capture His humanity. Anyway, I can’t say enough about this movie, there is no anti-Semitism in it like the press has been saying. The producer talked about people who worked on it converting, even a Muslim is being baptized this Easter. Be sure and recommend it to your parishioners and everyone else. It’s simply a GREAT movie. When it finished, there was just silence in the auditorium for several minutes. I thought so before, but I’m sure now that why the press has so violently attacked this movie is because it is such a powerful portrayal of the price that was paid for our salvation, and I think it will lead to people taking there faith more seriously, or becoming Christian. This is what those attacking the movie are afraid of.


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  1. jimmy Says:

    The best movie have ever watched

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