Joan of Arcadia

I find Joan of Arcadia to be a delightful show. For those of you who haven’t seen it you can find it on CBS on Friday’s at 7pm.

There are some really good philosophical and theological moments on the show. There are some challenges as well but very forgiveable because no completely great show could ever make it past the sensors. Mainly I am talking about the nods to Islam and stuff like that.

I have been a bit bothered by the portrayal of the priest in there but it seems they are definitely trying to find the balance. He is young which is nice to see. In the early episodes he was ringing a bell outside for some charity and hesitant to speak with Joan’s mom about deep topics and was alway suggesting an appointment. Now I understand that completely because her questions required more than a soundbite. At the same time it came across like he was brushing her off a bit. I thought I would ask her if she wanted to get a cup of coffee or something. In the last episode he did. Praise God. But the only problem is he wasn’t wearing clerics. I think it is okay for priest to not wear clerics occasionally, like days off or for certain activities. Some days you just need to unwind. I would never meet someone for a pastoral visit without wearing them though.

Some might argue that he didn’t want to be seen in clerics with a woman by himself lest people thing of scandal. That is a reasonable line of thought but I don’t think I would do the same. I think I would wear clerics. Otherwise a parishoner might see you and think you were doing stealth dating or something.

Trust me, not wearing clerics doesn’t make you invisible to people who know you. It is funny to watch the faces of others though when someone walks up to you in the gym and say “Hi Father”.

Anyway I think the show is a delight so far and I really enjoy it. Joan is bright, articulate, and Chaste. What a deal.

It gets recorded every week so I can watch it later.


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