All things Catholic

I saw this article linked on Amy Welborn’s blog. I personally think we do in fact need to be clear about what can and can’t be called Catholic. I see a time coming where many will use the word in an attempt to water down its meaning like they are doing with family. We can rederfine what Family means so lets redefine what Catholic means. Most will think I am making much ado about nothing but I have learned to trust my instincts on these things and I am pretty sure we will see more and more claims to the title Catholic and Roman Catholic in the future. When it happens, remember where you heard it and that I am not as crazy as you thought I was.

America loves to try to change the meanings of words. If you do then you can rewrite history big time. For example the whole inclusive language agenda. If we say that men and mankind are exclusive and we need to say men and women instead then after a generation or two we can go back and show how sexist and women hating the Church was. In fact the exclusive language is separting the two and redefining man and mankind etc to say that it doesn’t include women.

It does. But modern sensitivities will allow the redefining of the words and we will reap what we sow in the future.

2 Responses to “All things Catholic”

  1. Joshua LeBlanc Says:

    Father, I agree with you 100%, in fact we have already begun to see it. Catholics wouldn’t have to use terms like “orthodox” and “liberal” if Catholics would just be Catholic and not wishy washy or ultra-conservative. I think, to a certain extent, labels are important. We do label ourselves Catholic, don’t we!

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