Interesting article on Saints, especially the last paragraph.


2 Responses to “Saints”

  1. Tim Says:


    Hi, Fr. Todd. Your Bishop went to Rieti yesterday for a blessed time with Fr. Lichter, Msgr. Andraschko and Msgr. Mahowald. And your seminarian Shaun also attended. A holy time was had. Some other priests went along. I also attended. Your presence was missed. 4 Fransican Shrines were visited: Fonte Colombo, Greccio, La Foresta and Poggio Bustone. Tim

  2. Mary Susan O'Malley Says:

    Dear Father Reitmeyer,
    I noticed only a few minutes ago that one of your regular corrispondents, Eric C. Bales, has collaborated with his wife Jenny in posting an article on entitled, “Homosexual Game Plan: Redefine Marriage by 2006.”
    I have not met Mr. and Mrs. Bales and have not yet read this article; however, Father Michael Sis spoke highly of them to me some months ago.
    Peace be with you, Father Reitmeyer.

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