Keep praying folks

Wow Mark Shea is reporting that Jeb Bush has called a special session of the legislature to introduce a bill to suspend all dehydration and starvation in Florida. Pray, Pray, Pray.


2 Responses to “Keep praying folks”

  1. Earl E. Appleby, Jr. Says:

    Not too quibble, Father, especially after your Holy Ghost inspired homily, but a closer look reveals that what Mark (and others) have reported is that Gov. Bush has called a special session and a bill will be introduced to temporarily bar starving and dehydrating people to death–i.e., no explicit cause and effect, although that is the implication most readers unfamiliar with the facts behind the special session will draw.

    Actually as Amy Welborn has noted, Gov. Bush called the session for other reasons related to Florida’s economy–not to save Terri’s life.

    As we report, citing one of Amy’s readers, this difference has practical implications for the chances of success and raises related questions about whether this is yet another case of “too little, too late” from Florida’s governor.

    Pray and act for Terri!

  2. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    Good distinctions. Let’s presume the best and pray, pray, pray.

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