The Press and “group think”

I find it amusing that the press, with all their reasearch abilities and reputation for research, keeps on saying that JPII might be the 3rd pope designated as “the Great”. I promise you he will not ever be the 3rd pope designated “the Great”.

He might in fact be the 4th pope designated “the great”. I think so, and hope so but I can’t promise you. There were three in history already: Leo, Gregory, and Nicholas.

I doubt they will read my blog and correct their mistakes, but one can hope.

I also find it amusing they label him an ultra-conservative. How do they know what moderate or progressive catholicism is? There is orthodox and heterodox and JPII is certainly orthodox.

They don’t get to name which popes are great. We do. They don’t get to say what our beliefs are. God does. They can report what they are all day but they seem to forget they are reporters of what happens and not dictators of what should happen.

Let us pray for them.


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