Changes and Business

Well we just got new carpet. Everything was disconnected and out of the Office until just this minute so I have some catching up to do. It should be another quite busy weekend but it will slow a bit. I have my last wedding til the summer this weekend. That should free up Saturdays a bit. Hopefully a little reading can get done. At the very least I can have more homily prep.

I will post last weeks homily soon. I need to edit it a bit for the web. You can correct things as you speak but once in writing it is tough.

Howdy to Fr. Mark in Rome. I don’t think I could qualify to be a tuti. I wear my clerics heh. I hope your setting a good example for them.

I lived at Burger King (next to the Trevi). Hard Rock was too expensive.

If you could do me a bit favor I would appreciate it Fr. Mark. I also think you would have a great time. I would like to see if you would celebrate a Mass at the American Cemetary in Nettuno for all the South Dakotan’s. I visitied but couldn’t say the mass since I was shooting blanks. If you meet my good friend Fr. Matt LaChance I am sure you can convince him to go with you.


2 Responses to “Changes and Business”

  1. Denis Mary Mahoney Says:

    Thanks, Fr. Todd, for mentioning my friend, Fr. Mark Lichter. He is a fine priest–prayerful, conscientious and approachable. As you know, Bishop Carlson assigned him to a large parish in Sioux Falls that has a Catholic school. I have known Fr. Lichter since about 1987. He is an aspiring Saint–just like you, Fr. Todd!

  2. Mark Lichter Says:

    Fr. Todd, I think you should reserve some time the next time you are in Rome to schedule a Mass at Nettuno when you are are are shooting bullets! God bless you! Fr. Mark P.S. Have you converted Sioux Falls yet! Say hi to Fr. Joe, you know your pastor!

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