What a day. 2 different homilies given today so far and I still have one more different one to give tonight. On top of that I have confessions in 13 minutes. Life isn’t boring let me tell you. Actually it is great but boy am I looking forward to vacation in November.


9 Responses to “Wowza”

  1. Angela Says:

    Father Todd,

    I read the seminarian page. They are not nearly as dedicated, intelligent and mature as you were when you were a seminarian. That was a delight. But (then again!) you are *special*
    I will keep reading them!

  2. Mark Says:

    Todd, What are you doing? I think you need a vacation….maybe even a sabbatical……You may want to be a tuti….I hear you spent most of your time at the Hardrock Cafe in Rome….Is this true? Fr. Charles Mangan is the one that put me up to this….He showed me this incredible web page….God bless…Mark Lichter

  3. Donald Wirz Says:

    I live out here in Purgatory..oops, California. As far as I know, there are four major candidates, Davis, Bustamante, McClintock, and Schwarzenegger. D, B, and S claim to be Catholic. McClintock is a Baptist. Funny thing is, guess which is the only one that is pro-life. Yep, McClintock. He get my vote on 7 Oct!
    To me, it is sad that DBS are Catholic, recieve Communion (esp. Davis), but pander to the pro-abortion chunk of the electorate. I have been trying to keep our leaders in my prayers more these days, but sometimes I just wonder if it works much.

  4. Donald Wirz Says:

    Fr. Todd,
    Sorry to go off on a tangent there. I’m glad that your are enjoying your priesthood, even if things are very busy in Sioux Falls. I hope you have a good vacation coming up in November.
    Also, one last bit of the recall. I am not simply voting for McClintock because of his pro-life stance, but for the rest of his platform, and for the fact that he has a reasonable plan to get CA out of the financial disaster that it is in. (not paid for by McClintock for Governor :))

  5. Peter D. Madigan Says:

    Fr. Todd, here is my own little musing. I would be grateful for your reaction.
    In the California recall, there are six candidates who are considered “major.”
    1.) G. Davis–“Catholic.”
    2.) C. Bustamante–“Catholic.”
    3.) Arnold S.–“Catholic.”
    4.) T. McClintock–unsure, but with his last name may well be a “Catholic.”
    5.) A. Huffington–unsure, but she is from Greece and thus is probably “Orthodox” (or at least had been at one time).
    6.) P. Camejo–unsure, but given his last name you would think that he is “Catholic” or at least had been.
    When you ponder this, it is conceivable that all six has or had access to: A.) The Real Presence of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, B.) The Sacrament of Penance; C.) Mary the Most Holy Mother of the Living God.

  6. John C. McEneaney Says:

    Donald, the media in California calls the 6 listed by Peter the “major candidates” because they have polled the best. All 6 were invited to the various debates. Peter’s point was that so many of these 6 candidates belong to Churches that have Holy Eucharist, Confession and veneration of Mary. Your clarification that McClintock is Baptist is a welcome one. Thank you.

  7. Frank Barnes Says:

    Fr. Reitmeyer, please join me in praying for Pope John Paul II who had to miss today’s Audience in Rome due to an intestinal distress. Frank

  8. Fr. Ray T. P. Penyi Says:

    Good morning, Fr. Reitmeyer. Today is the Optional Memorial of Our Lady of Ransom (#43 in the “Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary” book). Today’s Feast is also called “Our Lady of Mercy.” I think that the Carmel in your Diocese is “Mother of Mercy and Saint Joseph.”
    You may offer the Mass today in honor of Our Lady of Mercy/Ransom.
    I just read this morning that today is also the Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham.
    If you don’t know about Our Lady of Walsingham, I could write something for you and your readers.
    Thanks, Fr. Reitmeyer.

  9. Donald Wirz Says:

    I know that Peter’s point was that most, if not all, of the major candidates have had the opportunities for Eucharist, Marian Devotion, and Confesssion. I was simply pointing out an interesting point about McClintock. I also know that Camejo and Huffington are considered major candidates by the media, but I think that they have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. My candidate (McClintock) has at least a snowball’s chance in Purgatory of winning. I really think that this is a Davis/Bustamante/Schwarzenegger race. I’m eagerly waiting to see the debate tonight.

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