Musings of Catholic Seminarians

For those of you who miss the seminarian perspective… I found some more for you. Here is a new blog, just starting up, by some of the seminarians of our diocese. I hope you visit them and welcome them aboard in the comments boxes.


9 Responses to “Musings of Catholic Seminarians”

  1. Jeff Miller Says:

    Here is another one called, My Seminary Journey

  2. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    I will see what I can do with the old comments. I am pretty sure they still exist.

  3. Jim Says:

    I hope that the 2 seminarians have their Bishop’s approval to do such a thing. If so, then I want to be behind their worthy endeavor.

  4. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    In the case of the one I advertised they do. A semiarian wouldn’t normally have to have permission but he couldn’t go against their will. Few Bishops would need to spend the time on the request.

    Preparing Priests for the Prairie though is multiple seminarians of my diocese and I got all the permission for them ahead of time.

  5. A.C. Says:

    I am inspired, Fr. Todd, that you are working in cooperation with and obedience to your Bishop. Such is paramount . . .

  6. Frank Says:

    Fr. Reitmeyer, your reference to the seminarians’ new site reminds me of a question I posed many weeks ago: will you one day post all your old comments as a seminarian and place them in your archives? At the time, you did not respond. If you do post your old comments, readers like me would be overjoyed. I remember that before you quit your seminarian website, you had about 40 comments for one of your postings. I would like to see how you respond to those 40 comments. Some had good questions.

  7. liny Says:

    I gave a beautiful gift to the 2 men ordained to the Priesthood for the Sioux Falls Diocese in June. And I gave a lovely gift to the 2 men ordained to the Transitional Diaconate for the Sioux Falls Diocese in June. Not even 1 of the 4 has acknowledged the gift. I pray for them, but this seems strange. If the ordained don’t show gratitude, how can we expect them to teach the laity?

  8. Peter Kerry Says:

    Fr. Todd Reitmeyer: I heard that Pope John Paul II has been invited to travel to Poland, Austria and Switzerland during 2004. Do you have any details?

  9. Bill O'Malley Says:

    Fr. Todd, I ask your urgent prayers for those in the South who already are getting hammered by the hurricane. I just read a A.P. report off the Internet. May they be delivered by God’s Protection!

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