Scriptual Rosary

Does anyone have any resource for a good scriptual rosary for the luminous mysteries?


8 Responses to “Scriptual Rosary”

  1. Alex S. Says:

    Fr. Todd, Clarice from the Chancery told me that she has some copies. You probably have the number memorized by now: 334-9861. Alex

  2. Susan B Says:

    Queenship Publishing Company in California sent out about 50,000 copies of a Luminous Mysteries brochure that was very inexpensive. Queenship has a toll free number. I do not have it with me but you can find it from the Website:

  3. Stephen Xavier O'Bierne Says:

    Yes, Fr. Reitmeyer. I just saw a Scriptural-Luminous Mysteries meditation in “Lay Witness,” a magazine published by Catholics United for the Faith in Steubenville, Ohio. (I believe that your Bishop Carlson is on the board of Directors.) I bet that immediately this day you could obtain a copy via fax from CUF. The telephone: 740-283-2484. Leon Suprenant is a friend of mine. Stephen O’Bierne

  4. Sarah Says:

    I received one from the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, and you can order one on their website (technically, you are not buying the book, you are making a donation to the shrine). It has scriptures for all of the mysteries, including the Luminous, and I have found it very helpful. Here is the link to the website:

  5. nicole Says:

    Yes, Fr. Reitmeyer: the Institute on Religious Life has one. You may order multiple copies at a discount. The telephone is 773-267-1195, ask for Mike, Kevin or Kit. Nicole
    By the way, Fr. Reitmeyer, today is the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary. Happy Feast Day, Fr. Reitmeyer and Readers of this Weblog.

  6. Nicole Says:

    Sorry, Fr. Reitmeyer, I forgot: I think you can get the meditations on the Luminous Mysteries online from the Website of the Institute on Religious Life, but if not the Institute will send copies immediately to you.
    You can try:

  7. Jim Says:

    Hi, Fr. Todd. I hope that you are becoming more acquainted with your parishioners–it must be exciting. So many are delighted for you.To answer your plea: recently I saw a Luminous Mysteries meditation in a July issue of the Arlington Catholic Herald–the newspaper of the Diocese of Arlington. This meditation was especially written for families, as I recall. Call the newspaper (I have the number because yesterday I saw the Sept. 4 issue) at telephone number 703-841-2590 and I’m sure the editor will send you a copy. Praying for the happy rest of +Johnny Cash, +John Ritter, the +9 innocent Iraqis killed mistakenly and the +2 U.S. GIs, I remain in the Holy Family and St. John Chrysostom, Jim

  8. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    Thanks for all the help. I ordered one from the National Shrine and will probably get a few of the others suggested. Can’t hurt ot have more than one. It would be especially nice to have one geared to families.

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