Beauty and Pain

We had the children’s mass for the school today. It certainly is a beautiful thing to see children receive communion that really understand and believe in what their receiving. It really is an amazing site.

I really don’t like the time between prayer and putting a homily on paper. Looking at that blank screen is a pain.


One Response to “Beauty and Pain”

  1. Fr. William J. Mulcahy Says:

    Dear Fr. Todd, I understand your struggle in writing a homily. You might consider those moments between prayer and writing, although difficult at times, to be like those early spring days after the planting has occurred. You are waiting for something to happen. And it will–provided you “get out of the way” and allow that necessary “rain” (the inspiration from the Holy Spirit) to pour down on the crops (your efforts). May the Lord bless you, Fr. Todd. Fr. William J. Mulcahy

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