Seminarians Heading Out

To all seminarians heading back to school or already there (in the case of those at the North American College) I would like to wish my best regards and to let you know I will be praying for you and hopefully soon offering a mass for you.

I know seminary is difficult and at times it can seem like it will never end. I tell you what was told to me. Every single time of struggle and pain is worth it. Your best day as a seminarian pales in comparison with your worst day as a priest.

I had a hard time believing that but I trusted the word of what was told to me and sure enough my trust was well placed. Hang in there and have a great year.

To my non seminarian readers I would ask that you say a prayer for priests and seminarians today.



4 Responses to “Seminarians Heading Out”

  1. Lou Says:

    Speaking of priests, I heard that your Bishop Robert Carlson just had surgery again. Would you be able to give us an update? Lou

  2. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    I would refer you to the Sioux Falls Diocese for any statement regarding Bishop’s Health or any surgeries he has had. (605.334.9861)

    What I can tell you is the last time I saw him (Wednesday night) he was well.

    I would never discourage anyone from praying for him though. I would in fact encourage that all the time. My Bishop is a great man and a great Bishop and both those things make you a big target for the Devil and other evil influences. We can do a lot for them if we are willing to pray for our Shepherds. Unfortunately the sport of the day seems to be to criticize them.

  3. Al Guidon Says:

    Fr. Todd, a staff member at the Sioux Falls Chancery two days ago informed me that the Bishop had what this staff person termed a “preventive surgery” this past week. Furthermore, the staff person also mentioned that according to the Bishop, he has not “bounced back” from the medical treatment as quickly this time as before. I know no more details. Peace, Fr. Todd! Al Guidon

  4. Earl E. Appleby, Jr. Says:

    I hope you may find the second issue of Strong Words for the Week of interest.

    I particularly call your attention to the item for August 23, which concerns this report.

    Asking your prayers for our fledging apostolate, especially during the holy sacrifice of the Mass,



    Earl E. Appleby, Jr., Editor
    Times Against Humanity

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