Geoghan Murdered

It seems that John Geoghan, a laicized priest convicted of pedophila, has been murdered in prison.

Many will probalby think this is justice. It certainly is not and it would be a warped and sick mind that thought it so. We should pray for Mr. Geoghan’s soul. I hope he repented of his crimes before he was killed.

It would be very interesting to see if the Department of Corrections is sued. If it is justified to sue the Catholic Church for failing to control the actions of an individual for which it had responsibility then by the same analogy the Department of Corrections should be sued for failing to control the actions of one of the people it had responsibility for. Not only responsibility but a lot more control over their day to day actions that the Church has over a priest.


5 Responses to “Geoghan Murdered”

  1. Robin Rau Says:

    I’d be especially interested o know if Geoghan was in Protective Custody (where he belonged, and where all “high-risk-for-attack” prisoners are routinely kept); or if the virulent secularists of Mass. DOC deliberately left him in the general population.

  2. Denise Says:

    Thank you, Fr. Todd, for your comments. I read of John Geoghan’s death with sadness. I will be praying for his soul, and like you, I hope that he repented of his sins before death. This is a terrible thing.

  3. Eric C. Bales Says:

    It is routine practice within corrections to administratively segregate various offenders that are deemed unsuitable for general population. Assaultive inmates, convicted child offenders, open homosexuals are examples of those routinely segregated.

    From the article online at, he was segregated.

    However, he came in contact with another inmate who decided since he was already serving life for murder, what’s one more. Too bad.

    Compliments of Amnisty International and like groups, even a segregated inmate has to be afforded certain priviliges. This invariably leads to inmates coming into contact with one another.

    That happened with Geoghan.

  4. Bill O'Malley Says:

    Thanks, Fr. Todd, for your prayer for the happy repose of the immortal soul of John Goeghan. I join my prayer with your. May his soul and the souls of all the Faithful Departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Bill O’Malley

  5. The Barrister Says:

    Yes, he was segregated; and yes, he was in protective custody. So was Druce. They mixed fire and gasoline and wondered why it exploded. Eric’s comments are right on the money.

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