People might be pleased to know that I am getting some time to work on a few more personal projects like the webpage. I opened up a new book today and began to read. I hope to learn Dreamweaver MX and Flash Pretty well and incorporate them into the website in the future. Hopefully the site will be more than just a blog.

I also am making preparations for the seminarian website as I mentioned before. I am tracking down some graphics (did some work on this today) and will be working on the visual layout of it. Hopefully once these guys get to the seminary and get familiar with the blogging technology (Moveable Type) we will be up and running. I am shooting for Sept. 2.

I finally got my vacation planned. It should be fun stuff. You have to plan this stuff years (literally) in advance.

That’s it for now. Off to a wedding rehersal then workout and sleep.


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