Three to get married

It has been told to me that a many priests would much rather do 10 funerals than 1 wedding. Or they would be willing to exchange that amoung. I think I understand why some say that but I don’t agree.

Weddings take a lot out of you. You want to give the couple the best and you are dealing with a lot of people and different expectations. Your also dealing with sensitiviites and dreams that might have been in place long before you met any of the people.

I think I will ask the Blessed Virgin to intercede with her Son for me as she did at that first wedding so long ago. I really would like to give these couples the best wine and not vinegar.

Marriage is tough. I really stand in awe of holy married couples. The deaths they must die to themselves are heroic to say the least.

Please pray for the couple whose wedding I witnessed today and the one whose wedding I will witness tomorrow.


One Response to “Three to get married”

  1. Bull Says:

    Two comments, OK three, maybe four, if I can restrain myself (I used to work for a Msgr who would always point out, “Where two or three are gathered in the Lord’s name, I must say a few words…”)

    1) Today is 10 years for me and Kim. Scary. Not as much seems to have changed for us. We got married in college b/c we thought “We can be poor and apart or poor and together.” So we’re still poor and still together. Much better together! We still have the wedding gift that you and Nathan purchased for us (a print entitled “As for me & my house…”) , hanging in our living room.

    2) I remember Deacon Bill Scott’s homily word for word “Well, Kim & Bull, I mean, Don & Bull, I mean Kim & Don. We all think that you are great folks and we’re all excited about you two getting married and we think it’s just great. We’re all really happy for you and we think it’s going to be just great.” end of homily. Fortunately, the wedding itself pales in comparison to the day-to-day miracle of waking up next to your best friend, of becoming a co-conspirator in God’s wonder of creation, and of coming to understand how God loves us as children by loving children, of how Christ longs for his bride as we long for the touch of our love. Miracles miracles miracles. Ok, enough hallmark. Bottom line: As you say, you’re only witnessing the marriage. They are the ones who have to minister the sacrament to each other. My Brother-in-law told Kim before we got hitched, “you might forget your vows, he might step on your dress, you might vomit on each other’s shoes, but at the end of this, you’re married. And that’s a good thing.”

    3) OK, I got nuthing for point # 3. But I was on a roll for #2, wasn’t I?

    Keep on truckin’, errr, sacerdotaling…


    PS. Do I still get to call you Todd? I mean, you are Father Todd and all, but I guess since I haven’t seen you in the roman collar except in pictures, and probably b/c my ego wants to feel special. I knew him when and such. But it’s your name, you worked hard to earn the title, you get to choose.

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