Home Schooling Debate

Well the debate continues in our editoral pages on home schooling. Here is a link to one more response. I have my own ideas of how I would answer his letter but I would like to hear some more. Perhaps you could post your thoughts in the comments box. If you have friends who home school or are interested in the issue maybe you could share this with them and have them post their thoughts as well. I am going to write the gentlman directly but it is always good to have more than one opinion and maybe a few ideas I haven’t thought of.

Also if anyone knows of any good resources that deal with public education law I would appreciate it. Eventually, in all my spare time, I am going to try to track down and read all the laws mandating public education at tax payer expense. I would like to see if I can use the language of those laws themselves to make a case for vouchers and school choice. Any interested parties can feel free to contact me.


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