A Father speaks

My letter to the editor on homeschooling made it into the paper yesterday. You can read it here. The guy who I am replying to wrote a really condescending letter about homeschoolers. I used some of his analogies to point out why his reasoning was false.

The background to the situation is that it has been left up to each school district to decide whether or not homeschoolers can participate in extra curricular activities. The Sioux Falls one voted no for a variety of reasons all of which are not reasonable and boil down to, in my opinion, “were afraid they might beat our our children for spots.”

The Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls has extended the invitation for them to participate through them for a cost of $200 a year. That is the same cost charged to any student who attends there and solely to aid in paying for the activities themselves. In otherwords they are treated no different than any student fully enrolled at the school.

My Bishop is awesome.

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