Keep on Truckin

Life is rolling along in the parish. I am being kept fairly busy but at last feel I am getting a grip on things. I bet that means something big is about to break.

Progress is being made on getting settled. I am having a terrible time getting my new office furniture delivered. I don’t know why it is taking so long but I really won’t be able to fully settle in until it arrives.

On an interesting note the are discussing recarpeting the office. If that happens then everything will need to be moved out and back in. I really hope it gets done before school starts.

I have multiple baptisms this weekend and my first wedding on the first. August and September are full of weddings so I should get a lot of experience in a short periord of time.

My prayer life is normalizing a bit too which is good. I haven’t got a new spiritual director yet but am in the process. It is always hard to adapt to a new situation. Parish life is time consuming so you need to carve out the slots. I am just trying to find the right combination.

Enough for now.


One Response to “Keep on Truckin”

  1. Chris Says:

    Don’t feel bad, Fr. Todd. Our priest came to us last summer, and he still has boxes of his stuff left to be unpacked.

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