Another day in paradise

Well we are into another weekend. Time sure is going buy quick. I will be in the grave before you know it if this keeps up.

My pastor leaves on Sunday for vacation. That ought to be interesting. I have to get my vacation on the books pretty soon. I don’t know what I am planning on doing. I am hoping something wth my Godson’s family. If not we shall see.

I am going to try to go to New York next year for St. Patricks day. I always wanted to do that. Hopefully it will work out.

I am getting a bit more organized. They painted my office and new furniture is arriving to replace the 22 year old donated stuff. Once that is in I will be able to settle in a bit more. The room in the rectory is taking a while though because things are so busy.

Tonight we finish masses, head over to eat with some other priests and then out the the ball game. It should be fun.

8 Responses to “Another day in paradise”

  1. Chris Says:

    Just out of curiosity, Fr. Todd, how much time does it usually take a typical priest to develop a homily for a weekend Mass? I am an educator in the area of literacy, and so many adults I know have such a hard time writing coherently and speaking publicly with articulation. I’ve attended some Masses where the priest seems to just make it up as he goes along. No notes or anything. Sometimes this works very well, sometimes it doesn’t and it drags on too long or loses focus (or both). Other times, I’ve listened to homilies that were obviously maticulously prepared. Just as with “winging it”, sometimes this hits the mark, and other times it just falls flat and dull. And even prepared remarks can go off-track.

    Just wondering. Maybe you could make it the subject of a future blog entry.

  2. Angela Says:

    Dearest Father Todd,

    Why not post your homilies online? It would be a great help for me and others like me. For example, try as I do, I cannot figure out how to preach on NFP from the Gospel I heard today, and I want to know how, very, very much! THank you Fr. Todd and BLESSINGS!!

  3. Chris Says:

    Ok, ok, dumb question: What’s NFP? I didn’t learn it in CCD, or at U of M, and when I went on the WWW, neither the USCCB nor EWTN could help me. Does it have something to do with JP2, CYM, or RCIA?

  4. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    Well I read the readings for July 27 last night. I will think/pray about it all week. Sometimes it doesn’t come to me until the last two hours though.

    I do type them all out and work from notes.

    No complaints so far although I preached about NFP this morning.

  5. Tom O'Slain Says:

    Dear Fr. Todd, I would like to do four very brief things.

    1. Agree with Angela that your Sunday Homilies would be an excellent addition to your Site.

    2. Ask you, Fr. Todd, what Sources you used for your Sunday Homily that dealt with NFP.

    3. Inform Chris (and others) that Jason T. Adams, M.A. has just authored a very fine volume, “Called to Give Life,” that treats Natural Family Planning (N.F.P.). It is available for $14.95 from One More Soul, 1846 N. Main St., Dayton, OH 45405-3832.

    4. Ask you, Fr. Todd, if you will be placing in your Archives your Postings and the Comments from your previous Blog when you were a Seminarian. The reason I ask is that your Posting of, I believe, Monday, June 23 had a whopping 41 Comments, some of which had excellent questions for you. I so want to see your Responses to those superb Questions.

    Peace, Fr. Todd. Please give me your Blessing.

    In Christ, His Mother and St. Joseph,


  6. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    Wow give me some time. I will do my best on the requests.

    NFP is Natural Family Plannning

  7. Shawn Says:

    I also believe I could beifit from your homilies being part of this sight. That is a great idea Chris


  8. Chris Says:

    We didn’t get the NFP homily in the parish I attend this weekend, since we had a missionary father from Africa visiting to tell us about his order’s work over there and to solicit dontations. We’ll probably get it next Sunday. Tying it in to the scriptures smoothly must be a trick though. You did well with that Father Todd!

    By the way, my comments previously about NFP were not intended to be criticism of the concept of Natural Family Planning at all, but at the mysterious unknown acronyms that so often pop up in our world. I had no idea what the letters NFP stood for, so I put together a silly statement including as many acronyms related to the Church to make my point. Acronyms are fine, as long as the people you are addressing are taught initially what the letters stand for in the first place. O.K.? Catch you on the Q.T., A.S.A.P.!

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